[WIP/編織中] 棉花糖 Cotton Candy Socks

打完[二月小姐]後突然兩手空空怪怪的, 就把原本想帶去義大利打的襪線拿出來開打了[不一樣的襪子]

After finishing February Lady Sweater, all of a sudden I found my hands empty and not sure what to do with them, so I started the “Toe Up with a Difference” socks using the yarn I was going to take with me to Italy.

Designer/原作者: Wendy Johnson
Pattern/織圖: Toe Up with a Difference
Yarn/線材: 2球 Crystal Palace Panda Cotton Print #0432, 59% bamboo/竹纖, 25% cotton/棉, 16% elastic nylon/伸縮尼龍
Needle/針碼: 2.25mm

This is where the Difference is.


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