[FO/成品] Spring Flowers Scarf ISE7 春花蕾絲圍巾

Finally it’s done!

This was easy to knit up, if it weren’t for the fact that I revised the stitch patterns as I went along, apart from being sidetracked from knitting this scarf (bad, Margaret, bad!) it could have been done sooner.
The pattern for this scarf is offered as free pattern in Ravelry.


其實這條圍巾不難, 要不是邊打邊改織圖, 加上被襪子吸引過去, 應該早就打好了.
決定將這織圖於Ravelry免費提供. 前提是: 個人的智慧財產, 請勿隨意轉傳, 分享或出售. 編織完成品不可出售.


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