Après Christmas Toe-up Socks 聖誕節後的襪子

最近這兩天超冷的, 攝氏零下21度!! 更慘的是加上風寒, 感覺像是攝氏零下35度. 難怪 連最愛玩雪的狗兒子都不願到後院尿尿. 昨晚看電視時兩腳就是暖不起來, 將囤積已久的襪線挖出, 拿著織圖打起襪子來.

It’s been so cold for the past 2 days! Flippin’ -21°C!! With windchill, it feels like -35°C. No wonder even our dogs who love to play in the snow, refuse to go out to do their business!! Last night while watching one of my favourite TV programs, my feet were so cold, so I dug out the sock yarn that I have had for a long long time, and the sockk pattern, started knitting socks.
前面有花樣/Front with patterns

為啥叫做聖誕節後襪? 一嘛, 聖誕節已過. 二嘛, 這襪線的顏色實在是很聖誕氣. 🙂
我織襪子, 這是第二回攻擊. 上回嘛~~ 不提也罷, 反正織圖沒讀好, 火大就拆了. 這次我會小心翼翼的一段一段的看織圖, 照圖織.

Why do I call this Après Christmas ? It is after all a new year. Secondly, the yarn is so Xmas-y.

This is my second attempt to knit socks. The last time was a total disaster, because I did not read the pattern carefully. The end result was rip-it!! This time around, I am going to be reading the instruction very carefully, then knit the socks bit by bit.

腳背部位有4段重複打的花樣, 說是要重複15次或是直到腳背與腳踝處. 可能我線較粗或是腳小吧, 重複9次就已經快到腳背與腳踝處, 我看頂多再重複個兩, 三次就應很夠了.

Foot area has a 4-row repeat stitch pattern, it says that to repeat these 4 rows for 15 times or desired foot length. Either my yarn is a bit thicker, or my feet are small, I have repeated 9 times, and I think after another 2 or 3 repeats, it should be long enough.

腳底(只有線本身的條紋)/Bottom of the foot (only stripes)

織圖/Pattern: Blue Suede Socks
線材/Yarn: KnitPicks, Sock Garden 100% Merino Wool, Hollyberry (discontinued/停銷)
針碼/Needles: 2.25mm dpn (a set of 5/5支雙頭針)
開打日/Start Date: 2009-01-14


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cashmerino
    Jan 21, 2009 @ 09:28:00

    I want that sock yarn! Pity they don’t carry that anymore…


  2. Margaret
    Jan 22, 2009 @ 23:35:00

    It is pity that KP don’t have them any more. However, I do have 2 more skeins sitting at home…. 🙂


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