[WIP] 計畫, 變化 – ISE7 Plan Change

上篇文章裏的線打了30來段後有點擔心, 所以馬上發了e-mail 給密友問他喜歡蕾絲線還是DK線, 還有喜歡羊毛, 駝羊毛或是竹纖混紡? 密友回覆: 較偏愛羊毛蕾絲線, 不過最好是依我喜歡打的線作為前提. 嗯~ 人還真細心/貼心. 🙂

I got a bit worried after using the yarn in the preivous post knitted for about 30 rows, immediately I e-mailed my pal and ask what type of yarn she prefers. She replied that she likes lace weight.

這是我改用羊毛蕾絲細線後所織出來的. 織圖也因為改用蕾絲線而稍微修改了一下. 我絕得還不錯看耶.

This is the WIP after I changed to handpainted 100% wool lace yarn. I have also modified the pattern due to change of yarn. I thought so far so good.

Now that our Canadian Junior Hockey team had won the Championship, I should be able to concentrate on knitting the scarf more.


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